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07 Oct Autumn Walk

Today Reception went on an Autumn walk. We used our senses to explore the season of Autumn. We collected some leaves, seeds and twigs to use for our Autumn art work. Here are some of the children's comments about Autumn. Theo - We saw leaves in...

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29 Sep Colour Day in Reception

Reception enjoyed their ‘Colour Day’! We read the stories ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘Elmer’. We have been talking about colour and emotions. We explored what happens when we mix colours. We looked at the art work of Kandinsky and recreated his ‘Circles in a Circle’...

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03 Apr Dinosaur Feast

A big thank you to all the adults and children who came to our 'stay and play' Dinosaur Feast. What a great way to celebrate the end of our topic! The children loved showing our visitors around the classroom and taking part in lots of...

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