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10 Oct Fencing!

We all really enjoyed our assembly yesterday on Fencing. Wayne, once again, told us some interesting information about the history of the sport, before selecting some brave volunteers to have a go! His club starts after half-term for our Juniors - please let us know if...

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17 Sep Roald Dahl Day

Having read extracts from George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl, the children had a great time inventing their own revolting recipes in small groups. They had to use alliteration to describe chosen nouns. They came up with some interesting ideas such as electric eyeballs, slimy snails...

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21 May Plants

[gallery size="medium" ids="19498,19497,19499,19500,19502,19501,19505,19504,19503"] Year 1 have been busy learning all about plants this week. The children each made a plant and then labelled the different parts. We then planted our own sunflower seeds and grass seeds. The children have been observing them each day to see...

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04 May Coding

[gallery ids="19381,19380,19382"] The Year 2 children have been learning how to create and debug simple programs. We have written sets of instructions to enable a character to reach a given destination. Working in pairs, the children were then given the task of identifying any errors in their instructions and had...

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